Tennis Ball Recycing Bin


May 5th, 2015


Recycling Tennis Balls Just Got A Lot Easier and More Convenient

Retour Tennis has announced the release of the AD-IN Bin, the first and only recycling collection bin designed to hang courtside. The AD-IN Bin now makes recycling tennis balls at public courts and clubs across America both compelling and easy. Designed with input from parks & rec staff and tennis professionals for easy maintenance and collection, the AD-IN Bin begins tennis ball recycling at the source: when players walk off the court and are holding balls they do not wish to play with again.

Every year over 100 million discarded tennis balls enter American landfills and it’s estimated they to take up to 450 years to decompose. The tennis community wants to recycle, but until now there has never been a convenient and easy collection model.

The backend is already in place, with organizations such as Project Green Ball, a non-profit devoted to funneling used tennis balls to facilities where they are ground up to be part of new materials. Another company, Rebounces will provide pre-paid shipping labels to enable communities and clubs to send collected balls at no cost. What has been missing until now is the compelling front end that enables tennis ball recycling to become mainstream.

“We put an AD-IN Bin up at our courts and got a steady stream of balls contributed all summer. The collection bin was easy to put up, attractive, and a positive ambassador for Waunakee’s recycling efforts. We estimate 15 minutes work every three or four weeks.Susan McDade, Director, Village of Waunakee, WI.

A successful tennis ball recycling program is now as easy as 1-2-3

  • 1.Purchase and Install AD-IN Bin – takes minutes; watch the 60-second video
  • 2.Collect Balls - empty every month or as needed (the Bin holds 200 balls).
  • 3.Box and Ship– download pre-paid shipping labels (, box them up (16x18x18 box holds 300 balls) and drop off at any FedEx location.

The AD-IN Bin has the potential to extend tennis ball recycling from a few clubs and academies today, to all of the estimated 20,000 facilities across the country. In partnership with municipalities, tennis clubs and USTA tennis players, Retour Tennis is working to make recycling tennis balls as common as recycling bottles and cans.