Retour Tennis

Necessity truly is the mother of invention!

Retour Tennis is a family company; we owned and operated a tennis store in Madison, Wisconsin. As tennis players, we were uncomfortable with the fact that we simply threw away our used tennis balls. Kept in our tennis bags and/or in our cars, we never knew which balls were good enough or dead, so, as a default, we tossed them all in the garbage. Golden Retrievers, elderly with walkers, and schools with chairs can only do so much. In our store we set out a ball collection basket for customers to throw old tennis balls into; the response was terrific. However, we had no place to send them.

When we discovered the work that Rebounces, Project Green Ball, and RecycleBalls were doing, we were delighted to find that tennis ball recycling is progressing. Suddenly our little collection was valuable to our customers, ourselves, and to these organizations. Then we thought about the ideal setting for a collection bin - on the court itself. Right? Play a match. Walk off the court and immediately toss your balls into a recycling container.

We knew that the ideal bin would be hanging from the fence at eye-level - making it compelling to use and easier to empty. But, there was absolutely no product like that to buy. And so the AD-IN Bin was created - designed with convenience in mind - for the users and the collectors.

We believe that recycling in the U.S. works because of community dedication. Retour Tennis is committed to getting tennis balls out of our landfills. We are working to help educate communities about the value of recycling tennis balls and to place AD-IN Bins within reach of all tennis players. Our vision is that, within a few years, most tennis courts in America will offer court-side recycling bins and that recycling tennis balls will be second nature to all who play tennis.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or questions.

Quite honestly, recycling tennis balls will not save the world from all its trash ills - but it will, however, make a tiny bit of difference and that's good enough for us! Retour manufactures the AD-IN Bin, but we are, first and foremost, working to make all the pieces fit so that recycling will work in this country. We are determined to be the tennis ball recycling expert of the US. We don't know how much prestige it will hold, no red carpet events, or dinner guests sitting with bated breath to hear our accomplishments, but we believe that if we learn something new, and learn how to make that one thing teachable to others, good, albeit incremental, changes will take place. Please drop us an email to let us know what you think. Thank you. Bill & Sarah Dermody