Retour Tennis

Players need to break the habit of tossing their used tennis balls into their sport bags, trash bags, the garbage, and of blindly sending them off to sit in our landfills.

Retour can set up a system for recycling tennis balls in your community. It’s easy and shipping is free: Collect the balls, pack them up, and ship them off.

Click here to download: 3 Steps to a Successful Tennis Ball Recycling Program

Would you like to be kept up with what's happening with tennis ball recycling? It is such a new concept. I am working diligently to rally the tennis world - players, manufactures, club owners, park and recreational staff, national recycling groups, etc. - to get a recycling program off the ground. Please feel free to email me, Sarah, to get on our e-info list or join Retour Tennis on Facebook to see what's new. Let's be number one in the world for tennis ball recycling!!!