Retour Tennis

Players need to break the habit of tossing their used tennis balls into their sport bags, trash bags, the garbage, and of blindly sending them off to sit in our landfills.

Retour can set up a system for recycling tennis balls in your community. It’s easy and shipping is free: Collect the balls, pack them up, and ship them off.

Click here to download: 3 Steps to a Successful Tennis Ball Recycling Program

RetourTennis is excited to announce its partnership with to make it even easier to get unwanted tennis balls shipped for recycling. RecycleBalls is an innovative, youth-driven 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization with a mission to recycle every tennis ball in the United States! Recylceballs is not your typical non-profit; they apply best practices from manufacturing and distribution to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. The shared nature of our missions will inspire people of every age to get involved. We are proud to join this growing network of partners and individuals spearheading positive change for U.S. tennis, to ensure that tennis in the U.S. will become a green sport. Check out their website: RecycleBalls