Tennis Ball Recycing Bin

What is Possible

Our aim is to make every player come off the court and, without giving it a second thought, head to a tennis ball recycling container to toss their used balls.

Look around your city, your schools, your park areas - every public landscape is fitted with trash cans & recycling bins. Two things have happened in the US because of conveniently located receptacles:

  • We no longer have to keep our soda cans, water water bottles, and papers with us until we get home
  • We hesitate when there is no place to recycle our trash - that hesitation reminds us that we do not want to put into landfills items that can be recycled

Those two things are exactly what we are aiming for with tennis ball disposal.


There is a system in place to get the balls to those who will properly dispose of them - i.e. get them to a recycler who will grind them up to reuse. Two things need to happen in order for the system to work:

  • Balls need to be systematically collected in convenient (courtside) collection bins
  • Person/team to commit to emptying the bins, package the balls up, and ship them (for FREE) to a designated organization

This can & will be done EVERYWHERE once word gets out and communities acknowledge the need and embrace the process.


Currently ground-up balls are being used for equestrian flooring mulch, as additives to tennis court sub-surfaces, and a number of other uses are being developed. As with all recycled matter, supply and demand will bring out the best in research and development. When our efforts to collect balls for recycling succeed, industries will find new creative ways to use the material.