Tennis Ball Recycing Bin

When You Start A Local Tennis Ball Recycling Program You Help it Grow Nationally

Community Tennis Associations and tennis players are the ones who can spread the word, raise awareness, and make recycling happen. Here are facts to inform your extended community embrace the system:

  • Tennis balls can be recycled but only if they are separately collected and sent to specialized recyclers
  • Players will enthusiastically contribute used balls - every public court with an AD-IN Bin has collected hundreds of tennis balls per season. Players use the bin because it is convenient, because discarding balls lightens their tennis bag, and because they understand and believe in the value of recycling
  • Emptying the bin and shipping the balls is simple and low cost. The AD-IN Bin was designed to make usage and maintenance easy. Balls can be shipped for recycling at no cost.

How to make this happen where you play tennis:

  • Lobby your local parks and recreation department or municipal staff. They are probably not aware of the issue, and certainly not aware of how easy it can be to provide this service. Over 100 cities are now providing courtside tennis ball recycling as part of sustainability efforts. They range from towns of 2,000 to the cities of Beaverton, OR, Austin, TX and Santa Monica, CA. Send them to Retour Tennis and we can help.
  • Ask the staff at the tennis club or center where you play what their recycling message is to members. Many tennis clubs are not aware there are tennis ball recycling options, and will want to make this available to members.
  • Sponsor AD-IN Bins for city recycling efforts as a local business or group. The AD-IN Bin is designed to accommodate sponsor acknowledgments with front and center decals.
  • Let everyone who plays tennis know that we have options now - we no longer have to let those unwanted balls collect in our bags, only to be thrown away at some point. There is only so much Golden Retrievers can do!

Our mission and vision for recycling tennis balls

Today, in 2016, less than 1% of used tennis balls in the US are being ground up and and recycled. The French recycle 10% of their tennis balls annually. Our goal is to get to 50% here in the US by 2020. There is no reason this cannot happen. It requires two things: (1) Awareness, and (2) Convenience. We have to let people know,, and then make it convenient to contribute (i.e. courtside collection bins).

You can make a difference.

It all starts locally.


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