Tennis Ball Recycing Bin

Customizable Decal to Advertise Your Business or Message to Tennis Players

We recommend adding your logo and message to the bin. Show your tennis community that you are supporting this valuable recycling program

Custom Decal to Advertise to Tennis Players

The AD-IN Bin comes printed with a simple recycle symbol. We encourage you make the message more important by claiming it to be YOUR message. Whether the bin hangs on a public court or at a private club, a decal will alert the community that tennis balls need to be recycled and that you are making it easy for players to do so. Above are two examples of the way a decal can be designed.

The decal image can be a specific logo - your town, city park, club, a sponsor’s logo, or a generic recycling image - black and white or four-color. The text, too, can be specific or general.

Adorning the bin with your logo will automatically alert citizens and/or club members that you are at work to produce a cleaner environment. Beyond that, make your customized message clear that you are supporting and encouraging a much-needed recycling program and why players need to digest the message and discard their tennis balls. Remember, this is your space to use however you wish!

The decal is made from a weather-resistant, outdoor vinyl. It applies easily, and fits precisely in the indented space (it is designed to fit over the yellow recycle symbol near the bottom on the unit). The decals will stay attached to the bin but can be replaced or switched-out over time if your message, logo, or sponsor changes.

The cost is $14.95 per decal and will be shipped separately from the bin order.

You will need to have the following information available when ordering a decal: At least, a 4 by 4 inch image at 300dpi in jpg, gif, png, or pdf format, black and white or color. You will also need to have in hand the exact wording you would like. The designer who prints the decal will organize the text to make it fit best on the right half of the decal.

When you are ready to add a decal to your order, on the order page click on “Add Decal to Order” - this will populate the ‘Quantity’ area and a ‘Customized Decal’ bar will pop up. Check the box on the left and follow the directions - it’s an easy process with impressive results.