Tennis Ball Recycing Bin

Ad-In Bin User’s Guide

WHERE TO HANG : Make it Visible & Convenient

The AD-IN Bin is designed to hang on standard tennis court fencing.

The bin is typically hung on the fence outside of the court - as not to interfere with the actual playing areas within the court. A few customers chose to hang the bin inside the fencing; while it may be an option, please make sure to check with local ordinances, and/or court personnel, regarding regulations about hanging objects in public locations.

To encourage use of the bin, it is best that it be placed as close to exit area(s) as possible. Convenience and prominent placement is always a factor when using any recycling bin. Make it easy for players to come off the court and discard the balls directly into the bin – without a second thought.

Because you are making a commitment to recycling, it may be valuable to have the bin facing the street, sidewalk, or parking area to alert non-players to your recycling efforts.

HOW TO HANG: Two People & A Few Minutes undefined(click here for printable instructions)

Each AD-IN Bin comes with a hardware set to secure the unit - note that a full bin will weigh about 40 pounds.

Hanging on Court Fencing

We suggest you take the following into consideration when deciding the hanging height of the bin:

  • Will the height allow information on the AD-IN Bin to be read easily?
  • Will the height allow players access the deposit hole easily?
  • Will the height allow enough clearance for the bottom to drop down and the balls to fall into a collection container?

After situating the box at a convenient and accessible spot (the closer it is to a post, the better), use the included hardware to secure the bin. This will take two people – one inside the court to work with the hardware and another outside the fence to hold up the unit. Since there are only four screws needed, and trellis/diamond fencing effortlessly aligns the bins to be level, it is an extremely easy mounting task. Then lock the bottom and go!

Hanging on Indoor Courts and/or Solid Walls

The AD-IN Bin can be adapted to hang on a solid structure, by using (2) 1 x 2 boards in addition to the metal bars provided. The bars sit against the bin, with the boards outside of them. Drill holes through the boards that are aligned with holes in the bars, and then countersink the bolts. Threading of the bolts is such that countersinking them will enable the assembly to sit flush against the flat surface.

The 1x2 boards will extend beyond the width of the bin, to allow for securing to the wall/surface. A minimum of 17 inches is required, but this length can be extended for convenience.


The AD-IN Bin is designed with a drop-down bottom to make emptying and collecting the balls simple. The hinged bottom DOES NOT STAY CLOSED WITHOUT BEING SECURED WITH A LOCK, PIN, or ZIP-TIE. The AD-IN Bin holds approximately 200 tennis balls; collection intervals vary from weekly to monthly, based on community or member usage, or parks and recreation maintenance schedules.

SHIPPING: Easy & Free

Collected balls can be reused in your community and/or shipped to be recycled. Visit SHIPPING TENNIS BALLS to obtain a pre-paid shipping label and directions on the shipping process.